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NEW DVD! Morality or immorality

We are now experiencing a moral decline is unprecedented. Despite this, there is a great silence about it in the churches. Much to attack in progress against the purity that should characterize the relationship between man and woman and marriage. It's time to Bible standards established in these areas.

Many live out their sexuality outside of marriage and we see how cohabitation is becoming a substitute for marriage. At the same time as it has for the first time in history began to change marriage between a man and woman to marry couples of the same sex.

The schools are RFSU active and spreading their propaganda to children.

This DVD tells Holger Nilsson about this and much more in six half-hour program (about 27-28 minutes each). These programs may include the tools for youth leaders in churches and appears in collections for young people.

This is a Double-DVD with two discs, each of the three programs. We then offer all these programs for only 200: - + postage 28: -.

This DVD can be purchased by the amount of 228 - are deposited into the PG 36 64 81 - 0th Payee: bookshop. Write: Ordered: "Morality or immorality" so we are sending this DVD immediately to your address.

Holger Nilsson

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Detta är en ny satsning som vi presenterar här. Den går helt enkelt ut på att förkunnare som vill stå till förfogande för kallelser till församlingar, gör det mot endast reseersättning.

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