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Shame, Swedish Church, ashamed!

The title is from the Day on August 10th. It is pleasing - Swedish church should stand in the corner and be ashamed.

Chronicle of the day that the title is taken is written by Nuro Kino. He is one in a series that reigned on the part of the Swedish church reacted negatively to the campaign to take on a cross to show solidarity with persecuted Christians.

It's about the editors of the blog Christian public opinion encouraged people to wear the cross. This would be a way to support persecuted Christians in the world and there is plenty of it.

The World Today, the 5/8 reflects the response from a leader in the Swedish Church. To enter the Church Communications Gunnar Sjöberg in a Facebook Post: "Well, I do not know. It is here that Christians suddenly start wearing crosses as signs for and against something. That's nothing new really, but feels the call seditious and unchristian in the contradictions that already exists. "

Wearing a cross in support of the suffering brothers and sisters in the faith so can "seditious and unchristian". It takes on the forehead!

It is no wonder that reactions were not long in coming. In Expressen writes historian David Lindén his surprise that the Swedish church can not support this campaign and finish this attitude with that "history will consign this anxiety to the sullied the reputation where it belongs."

It is mildly but talking when he writes about the attitude of "anxiety" and that this should be placed in the "ostracized."

Now we have given examples of reactions that use words like "shame" and "sullied the reputation of" not flattering to the Swedish church, but it is self-embedded in order to receive such written to himself,

In a column in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet uses writer Margit Richert word nonsense about how a part of the Swedish Church reacted to the campaign to wear a cross. Here she writes: " Representatives of the Swedish Church has spoken of okristlighet, of sedition, of religious wars. It is of course highly nonsense. But the symptoms of the identity crisis that is currently affecting the Swedish church, it is still interesting. "

She also sees what the outcome of the Swedish Church's course leads when she writes: "But the consequence is that Christian preaching at risk of disappearing in a general, non-binding scented spirituality: come as you are, believe what you want, everyone with! Who can even interpret such a watered down message? "

We've written it before and do it again: It must be said that there are godly men, women and priests in the Swedish Church. They should have all the support in their struggle to save souls in this sinking ship, - which has a lot of people who are in control of the ship, - that seems lost navigation.



Holger Nilsson

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Detta är en ny satsning som vi presenterar här. Den går helt enkelt ut på att förkunnare som vill stå till förfogande för kallelser till församlingar, gör det mot endast reseersättning.

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